Aug. 11th, 2009

Haven't been able to bestir myself to do any writing for what seems forever. This is driving me nuts as it's not as if there isn't writing that I both want and am committed to do. Writer's block then but of quite an unusual breed for me, ah well perhaps my mind will settle once the operation finally gets done. Speaking of which, I received a telephone call this morning informing me that my operation date has been changed again (this is the fourth or fifth time I think), this time to 23 August. I am feeling quite fretful about the whole thing, even though I'm aware that it's quite a straightforward procedure with excellent recovery prospects ... still, someone will be sticking a knife (however small) into me and taking out an organ! Ok so it's a largely redundant organ but still, it's my.largely redundant organ. My surgery-related worries are also causing more sullenness and snappiness than is normal, which mum is bearing the brunt of. I'm also feeling rather under-the-weather in general health wise, though it's difficult to tell if it's ME or diet-related or a combination of the two (the latter is most likely I think) and this isn't improving my mood any ... all the more so when I think of people who's health is in a far worse state than mine, and feel guilty about moping over something that isn't (very) painful or (at all) life-threatening.

In World of Warcraft news I am probably going to give Alliance raiding a break, at least for a bit. Monday nights have become a duty rather than a pleasure of late and last night's raid was the most miserable few hours I remember spending on-line (for any purpose). Although it's ridiculous that one person can make me feel so unhappy and unwelcome when they're not even physically present is somewhat ludicrous, still I can live without being made to feel like shit every Monday night thanks all the same. So looks like the Bad Eggs have 100% of my WoW time now ... poor souls.

So anyone that knows me might want to avoid the question "how are you?" for the next few weeks at least.

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