Film Day

Dec. 1st, 2005 01:51 am
This afternoon I caught up with Aaron (Watarro) and Little Jack (Yoh'So) ... both, so far as I am aware, sans-LJ ... as we went to the cinema. Good chats were had, remarkably few of which had much to do with LRP and we watched Transporter 2. The film is good fun and has some very funny set-pieces (though some of the gags were a bit naff) and some utterly ludicrous action scenes; it's a great movie to turn your brain off to and just watch the pretty cars and fights ... I didn't begrudge the cinema my money which is my measure of a good movie. Not a classic, by any means, but a good, fun, romp ... with the increasingly cute Jason Statham doing his American-London accent, which is a bit like watching a puppy barking at a post-box ... it's cute, quite amusing, and you can't for the life of you work out why he's doing it.

During the previews for Transporter 2 we saw the trailer for Underworld Evolution which looks very encouraging (though Derek Jacobi is clearly rather baffled) ... I know it will be silly but I'm still going to go and see it ... it looks cool.

This evening, in lieu of our usual Exalted game, we watched Saw instead ... grizzly nonsense and, despite an interesting concept, was entirely too nasty for me to actually enjoy it. Suffice to say that I shall be avoiding Saw 2 which is, I understand, even more unpleasant.

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