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I've made the decision not to attend the next Maelstrom. This is because its being hosted by unkillable demons1 which, as a devout character, would be rather like a Christian spending Christmas with Satanists ... he probably won't die but there will be nothing going on there that will be in any way spiritually nurturing.

While my decision not to attend is a purely in-character one, it has raised some issues I have with the whole Eidolon situation. Over the years, Eidolon plot has revealed itself as the PVP equivalent of "Nine o'Clock News Plot" by which I mean that all that anyone can do is watch it and hope that it doesn't roll over you. In my opinion, the Eidolons are a far more broken concept than Retainers; if I wanted to go to an event where the enemies were considerably more powerful than the players, I'd go to the LT.

1 Well they've been unkillable for several years now and I see no signs of that changing any time soon.

The Weekend

Jun. 9th, 2008 06:11 pm
First order of business is to nudge WulfboyWulfboy why? Well firstly because it's fun and if he happens to be standing on one leg he might fall over, but secondly because he asked me to remind him about something.

Spent the weekend under canvas at Maelstrom and had a ratehr splendid time. Although the event itself wasn't a spot on last time's Celestial Gala, there were a few roleplaying moments that really made the event. Also the weather was much much much better at this event ... I have a sunburnt head.

In retrospect it was probably a mistake to create a character devoted to the same god as my first as, although I'm having a great deal of fun with it, there are the obvious (though incorrect) conclusions being drawn that my IC actions are sometimes driven by affection for my retired character. Comments like that are difficult to challenge as there's no real way to prove that they aren't true. Ah well, such is life I suppose.

Seeing DefcheeseDefcheese at the event was an unlooked for treat, and Saturday night in the Wight1 House it felt as though I'd been whisked back ten years.

Another high-spot was chatting with the Hunapa group and watching their ball game ... their soap-drink wasn't quite such a high-point.

Ok, that's the fourth time I've dropped off writing this entry ... apologies if it's been rambling and/or impossible to follow. I can only say that I'm very tired.

1 The White House was killed at a recent event, but has since been raised to serve again.
If you had made any agreements with me regarding this downtime please let me know as I have completely forgotten what I was supposed to be doing ... actually that's not entirely true, I have some recollections but they're fuzzy.

Incidentally, if anyone is thinking of going to Maelstrom for the first time this year, give me a nudge as I have a couple of £15 vouchers to give away ... making at least one event ludicrously cheap.


Sep. 11th, 2006 08:46 pm
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Got back after many hours spent on the M1 in the delightful company of jojo-jojoJojo-Jojo and Nigel (sans LJ). The journey was so long and so tedious that we played various daft games (including "I Anti-Spy") and discussed the viability of cheese as a construction material.

I have slept most of the day and could probably sleep some more if I were to get back into bed ... but it's a bit too warm just at the moment.

Anyway, on to the event ...

Arrived Friday morning with a conversation running along the lines of, "oh yes, that's were we ... back in ..., oh and there's that spot we ... in ..." reminiscing was fun. We discovered that the allocated space for us was tiny1 and set up as best we could, marking out areas for tents that weren't there. It was during Friday that it became apparent that, despite the herculean efforts of oldnickOldNick, I was to have no new tent for the event. This made me very grumpy indeed and I was probably not a pleasure to be around on Friday afternoon/evening.

Playing my secondary2 was just what the doctor ordered for the event. I was comfortable throughout and didn't spend anywhere near as long getting changed as normal. I really won't be that sorry when Jagular dies, although I'm re-inspired to play the big blue bird, still I won't miss the physical discomfort when he shuffles off this mortal coil. Anyway, far from being relaxing, I was as busy at Matrimony as I have been at any other event. I decided to play the SNWT3 receptionist and spent a good deal of my time rushing4 around connecting clients to the relevant people ... lots of fun but very tiring.

Saturday opened with steamed buns and green tea at the Kamakuran restaurant, and from that small indulgence I was kept busy for the rest of the event running5 around procuring items. As a consequence, later that night, I had a very pleasant meal6 in the company of some Artemens, and a significant amount of saki ... also we played the fortune cookie game which is as simple as it is addictive and funny. The meals are quite expensive at 2 marks but they really are worth every pfeck even if it's a once-in-a-lifetime treat (or you need to play a secondary to go there). It's a shame that I won't be playing Mac for a while as I was very much enjoying the developing relationship (not to mention the steamed buns).

Overslept horribly on Sunday (and missed breakfast ... waaa!) and spent the rest of the day in pretty much exactly the same way I'd spent Saturday. It was too damn hot even in my comfy outfit and I pity anyone wearing masks and heavy clothes.

On the whole I had a great event and am looking forward to the next one. I was so glad that the tradehouses and traders were mixed together (for the first time since Mascherata I think), it really does make all the difference in integrating the OOC traders and in generating passing trade both for them and us. I do hope PD keep that trend up.

Sadly I don't think that Drum Hill is a suitable site for Maelstrom; especially considering the very poor showering and toilet facilities. Also the large glade-like nature of the site means that the different fields are rather too out of the way (or seem to be). Poor old Fidelia and Flambard were so out of the way it was silly ... mind you, I only visited the top bit of the Malathian field and there may well have been others that were further away.

Among the many people that I completely failed to spend enough time with (either IC or OOC) were: wulfboyWulfboy and the White Lions. Hopefully we'll be able to remedy this at the next event.

1 Though our pain was as nothing when compared to the poor old Mil-En camp. When I saw how much room had been allocated to the LRP Hotel, I was just a tad cross ... I suspect that I was not alone.
2 Michael "Mac" McMannus, a Malathian captain working for Sacuza Old World and scouting out a retirement home for himself.
3 Sacuza New World Trading
4 For a given value of "rush".
5 Alright, walking.
6 I can highly recommend the Abyssal Duck.
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Maelfroth downtimes never fail to depress do they?

"Dear The Merchant,
The Fallen Eidolons are a bit of a problem down here, been doing my bit to try to keep the blighters' numbers down but could really use some better tools for the job as they seem to be eating a lot of souls and getting devotees.
Yrs &c,

"Dear Jagular,
Thanks for the prayers, they're really cool and stuff. Glad you're having fun fighting Fallen, here's a neat ability to let you make more if you ever start to run out.
Be excellent,
The Merchant"


It seems a bunch of chums have also had a less than rosy downtime, though I suspect that theirs may involve being attacked by forces they can't do anything about again.
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So the weekend starts this evening (hurrah) when I will be whisked off to foreign climes (well, Cuffley anyway) for a long-weekend of Maelfrothing. If any of you are floating around tonight, the Whitehouse should be in full effect (depends if we can be arsed putting it up) or, failing that, the Sacuza party tent ... either way, do pop round and say "hi" ... it may be the only chance you get all weekend.

Not much to do in the meantime (aside from change the beds, do the weekly shop, and finish packing) as I have written the ceremony for blessing a new church, and finally got round to writing a couple of letters home! I just know that I'm going to forget something crucial though.

In other news, I can't help but notice that it's been a long while since I made any worthwhile LJ entries ... I shall try harder in future.
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Neverwhere )

The Life of an NPC )

Maelstrom )
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Fucking downtime! I'm fed up to the back teeth with it.

I'm going to give it a few weeks but at the moment the whole co-operative downtime thing (which has to be done in order to gain new Priest skills) is getting me so down that I'm thinking of packing in Jagular and just playing a bland character so I can hang out with my chums.

It's entirely possible that I'll get over this particular burst of disgruntlement but it's an infuriating system that never fails to get me into a boiling rage at some point. Come back Omega downtimes, all is forgiven!


Sep. 12th, 2005 08:50 pm
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Maelstrom this weekend passed, much as I suspected it might, in a most pleasant and relaxing manner. Not playing the Big Blue Bird™ made the event physically much more comfortable and far far more relaxed. There was absolutely nothing at all that I had to do, nobody I had to visit and nowhere that I had to go ... bliss! Curiously enough I had the best time just sitting in, or standing just outside, the Sacuza tent; greeting visitors, steering them towards the right people and taking the occasional ship repayment. There were of course the occasions where people approached me who thought I was playing Jagular, despite the obvious lack of mask and blue make-up ... I was frankly, stunned by this. It makes one wonder just what people see when they look at a character. There were three things about Michael that were the same as Jagular: my boots, my shooting stick and me; other than that everything was different, including accent and demeanour (anyone who met Petrucchio at the Gathering would have noticed a more than passing resemblance to him). Considering the hosts of the event (a bunch of talking snakes), the weather was perfect and the storm on Friday, with its attendant close-proximity lightning strike, was entertaining if a little hard on some people's tents ... especially the tents that had been left open because of the blazing sunshine a few minutes earlier.

High points of the weekend for me were: finally getting to sing the pirate song, catching up with most of the people I don't usually get to chill with, not having to wear the mask or make-up, being cheerful IC and only having a 1hr 15min drive to get there.

My only real regret was not having the balls to be blatantly IC rude to "Tree Stump's" ophidian character when she sat opposite me and talked at me just as I'd sat down to dinner on Friday night. Well, that and hearing snippets of conversations that would have been very interesting to Jagular.

Nina sans LJ (proprietress of the Enlightenment Coffee House) came up with a description of Jagular's dissapproving looks that pleased me greatly; she said that he would show "the beak of disdain". So it was nice to have a holiday but now I'm ready to get back into harness and start playing the game again.
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Hmm, good in parts ... I've decided not to play my primary character at the forthcoming Maelstrom (swiftbladeSwiftblade I've sent you an email, let me know asap if you haven't received it) which is both good and bad. Good because I won't have to wear quite such an uncomfortable phys-rep; bad because he's got so much to do and I really enjoy playing him. Unfortunately, given the choice of hosts and their IC invitation there's no way he'd go ... at least not before he's learnt the "Gattling gun quad through" skill. Still, it'll be nice spending an event just chilling and wearing comfy clothes.

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