The Weekend

Jun. 9th, 2008 06:11 pm
First order of business is to nudge WulfboyWulfboy why? Well firstly because it's fun and if he happens to be standing on one leg he might fall over, but secondly because he asked me to remind him about something.

Spent the weekend under canvas at Maelstrom and had a ratehr splendid time. Although the event itself wasn't a spot on last time's Celestial Gala, there were a few roleplaying moments that really made the event. Also the weather was much much much better at this event ... I have a sunburnt head.

In retrospect it was probably a mistake to create a character devoted to the same god as my first as, although I'm having a great deal of fun with it, there are the obvious (though incorrect) conclusions being drawn that my IC actions are sometimes driven by affection for my retired character. Comments like that are difficult to challenge as there's no real way to prove that they aren't true. Ah well, such is life I suppose.

Seeing DefcheeseDefcheese at the event was an unlooked for treat, and Saturday night in the Wight1 House it felt as though I'd been whisked back ten years.

Another high-spot was chatting with the Hunapa group and watching their ball game ... their soap-drink wasn't quite such a high-point.

Ok, that's the fourth time I've dropped off writing this entry ... apologies if it's been rambling and/or impossible to follow. I can only say that I'm very tired.

1 The White House was killed at a recent event, but has since been raised to serve again.
binidj: (Preceptor)
I enjoyed Maelstrom a lot more than I was expecting to; this is due to a number of factors: my fitness levels were way up this weekend (yay!), the Alkyon colony players and I seem to have settled into our respective relationships rather comfortably, and the Church game is starting to pay dividends as more Merchant priests have bought into the whole Preceptor thing thus giving me stuff to do with the position. Of course there's now also an arms race to keep hold of the job but that is going to be a lot of fun ... mostly because I'm fairly confident of a win.

That the Big Blue Bird actually survived the event is an utter surprise to me, I was fully expecting to die1 early on at the hands of the DNF ... actually I was fully expecting to die under a large mound of fallen Eidolons slightly later in the weekend ... and goodness' knows there's nobody that could say I hadn't asked for it. I have to attribute my astounding run of longevity both to my colleagues in Sacuza and also the lovely folks in the 33rd ... who were reassuringly competent all weekend.

Incidentally, mind-altering smoothies are neither big nor clever.2

The rules adjustments with regard to Priest skills seem to be working out rather nicely, and I'll be testing them a little further this downtime. Despite certain obvious bones thrown in the direction of church groups (this doesn't directly affect me incidentally) I'm still of the mind that the point has been missed. Still there may well be changes that I wasn't privvy to, so time will tell.

Yesterday saw the continuing saga of rolling up characters for the Magpie Empire game, for which we now have a full complement (including the lovely jojo-jojojojo-jojo) so hopefully next week will see us actually beginning play ... I remain nervously eager.

1 and leave a bloody big crater
2 though they are rather yummy

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