It arrived this afternoon ... whilst the folk at Parcel Line were still looking for it in their warehouse.
I shall be writing a fairly snippy email to the Netherlands.
Still,at least I have it for Cataclysm.
So I understand that probablyscottyprobablyscotty owns a Microfast tent and I've tried to email him to guauge his opinion ... but to no avail. So if anyone out there can give him a prod (either gentle or not so gentle ... it's up to you) to reply to me or fix the email adress he has on LJ that'd be just peachy.

Criteria for new tent are (in order of importance):
  • Must be simple and very easy to put up and take down

  • Must be robust enough to cope with the worst that British weather (and Scout camps) can throw at it

  • Must not cost much more than £200

  • Must be tall enough to stand up in

  • Must not be too bulky when packed
So if anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free.

Tent Love

Jun. 8th, 2006 05:49 pm
binidj: (Doom song)
So I am contemplating this Serenity thing and figure that I would probably need to bring my own tent and that my current single-bin (3-person) tent was (a) a bit small and (b) leaks a bit due to putting it up on a stony beach and so I was looking around idly at sites ...

And then I saw this.

I'm in love.

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