I'm sure that many of you will know that I've been lucky enough to work on the new Odyssey LRP game for a while now.

Well, the teaser website is now up: www.odysseylrp.co.uk.
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Only I have this pair of horns. Now these horns are horns of great loveliness being, as they are, crafted from translucent resin lovingly inked to look almost like the real thing. Unfortunately, these horns of splendour are rather heavy (well, heavy for two 2" blocks of resin) and I've yet to find any adhesive that will hold them on securely. Now it may be that I'm not using either spirit gum or mastix properly, and there may well be an arcane trick that will solve all my woes. I need them to stick to my head securely, to survive the occasional gentle knock, stay on through a veritable tide of perspiration, and remain safely attached for an entire day's roleplaying.

Can you help?

Nasty LRP

Aug. 10th, 2006 12:32 am
I seem to have been sucked into yet another system ... truly I am weak ... this time in the wonderful Candlestone site. The game is Cataclysm1 and appears to be the mutant offspring of the critically aclaimed Leogyr.

So what has drawn me in? Well the chance to play an over-the-hill (and, frankly, off his rocker) unseelie Fey (name either Bleakworm or Bilespittle ... see where I'm going with this?) who sits around all day being unpleasant. Also the chance to LRP with Tim and Nigel Britain (both sans LJ) for the first time in years.

No combat skills, driving goggles, white frock coats and bad attitudes ... I think this might be fun.

1 The website is truly appalling and the published rules aren't much help in generating a character, but the organisers do respond to posts on the Forum pretty quickly so I'm not overly worried ... though I am sorely tempted to set up a shadow site just so that there can be some means of accessing the rules painlessly!
For those interested folks who haven't joined the neverwhere_liveNeverwhere_Live community but are vaguely intrigued by the idea, some new posts have been added recently.

If you fancy playing in the game (however occasionally) and would care to join me in the High Gate (costume requirements: dark suit and coat ... aka bouncer chic), then let me know and I'll forward background bumf to you as it's written.


Jan. 11th, 2006 06:11 pm
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If you haven't befriended jfsJFS but are a fan of LRP and Firefly/Serenity then you might want to look here.
Yes, you read correctly, Neverwhere LRP.

Allegedly to be run once a month in a London pub, more than that I know nothing at all. elaniElani seems to be the person in the know.

I am extraordinarily tempted.


Sep. 12th, 2005 08:50 pm
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Maelstrom this weekend passed, much as I suspected it might, in a most pleasant and relaxing manner. Not playing the Big Blue Bird™ made the event physically much more comfortable and far far more relaxed. There was absolutely nothing at all that I had to do, nobody I had to visit and nowhere that I had to go ... bliss! Curiously enough I had the best time just sitting in, or standing just outside, the Sacuza tent; greeting visitors, steering them towards the right people and taking the occasional ship repayment. There were of course the occasions where people approached me who thought I was playing Jagular, despite the obvious lack of mask and blue make-up ... I was frankly, stunned by this. It makes one wonder just what people see when they look at a character. There were three things about Michael that were the same as Jagular: my boots, my shooting stick and me; other than that everything was different, including accent and demeanour (anyone who met Petrucchio at the Gathering would have noticed a more than passing resemblance to him). Considering the hosts of the event (a bunch of talking snakes), the weather was perfect and the storm on Friday, with its attendant close-proximity lightning strike, was entertaining if a little hard on some people's tents ... especially the tents that had been left open because of the blazing sunshine a few minutes earlier.

High points of the weekend for me were: finally getting to sing the pirate song, catching up with most of the people I don't usually get to chill with, not having to wear the mask or make-up, being cheerful IC and only having a 1hr 15min drive to get there.

My only real regret was not having the balls to be blatantly IC rude to "Tree Stump's" ophidian character when she sat opposite me and talked at me just as I'd sat down to dinner on Friday night. Well, that and hearing snippets of conversations that would have been very interesting to Jagular.

Nina sans LJ (proprietress of the Enlightenment Coffee House) came up with a description of Jagular's dissapproving looks that pleased me greatly; she said that he would show "the beak of disdain". So it was nice to have a holiday but now I'm ready to get back into harness and start playing the game again.
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Hmm, good in parts ... I've decided not to play my primary character at the forthcoming Maelstrom (swiftbladeSwiftblade I've sent you an email, let me know asap if you haven't received it) which is both good and bad. Good because I won't have to wear quite such an uncomfortable phys-rep; bad because he's got so much to do and I really enjoy playing him. Unfortunately, given the choice of hosts and their IC invitation there's no way he'd go ... at least not before he's learnt the "Gattling gun quad through" skill. Still, it'll be nice spending an event just chilling and wearing comfy clothes.

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