So what happened this weekend then? Well, On Saturday morning I pootled up to Sexbat Towers from whence, after I had been given some very cool birthday gifts, s0bs0b very kindly drove jul1etJul1et and myself into London for my (now) annual visit to the British Museum. Sadly we had dawdled too long (mostly due to cooing over s0bs0b's Wii1) and only had time to look at the Mayan exhibit, have a cup of coffee and a biscuit and take in about a quarter of Africa, before we were unceremoniously (but quite politely) kicked out. Next year I think heading to Africa first and ignoring the 20th Century pottery is probably the way to go.

Once outside, Jul1etJul1et and I went in search of a cigarette vendor2 and possible venues for dinner. This done, we headed back to the BM to loiter around the bookshop where I bought some rather splendid books on the Maya. Sadly, we discovered too late that the BM book shop has very little in the way of mobile coverage, and thus had missed several calls from s0bs0b who had come in to meet up for food. Thankfully this all ended happily ever after, though with one slightly amusing lavatorial anecdote.3

Dinner was a splendid affair in the local Wagamamma's and we were joined by JFSJFS, who's previous wheelchair-driving experience paid off (and J got a well-deserved break). As we were finishing off our feast, we were joined by a late and apologetic KathbadKathbad who had been delayed by shopping.4

Thus we bade farewell to Jul1etjul1et, s0bs0b and JFSJFS who retired to their respective homes, while KathbadKathbad took over wheelchair duties and we went forth to look at some pottery soldiers. The exhibition was, let me tell you, quite splendid and well worth the huge crowds. There was much fascinating information imparted and much cooing done. If you can manage to get tickets it is well worth a visit.5

Getting out of the museum proved quite an adventure (as we were told to go to the wrong exit) but was rather fun in an "all alone in an empty museum" way and I learnt that it is possible to reserve disabled parking in the museum in advance, thus making future trips rather more stress-free for me (and, doubtless, anyone who gets a lift with me).

Back then to Sexbat Towers where I was presented with a birthday cake ... with a candle! I think the last proper birthday cake I had was on my 18th birthday, so that was a significantly bigger and more touching deal than those present would necessarily have realised. Then, fuelled by cake and wine and sherry there was much yacking (and stroking of guest cat) until finally we settled into our respective beds and snoozed.

Sunday "morning"6 was taken up playing with s0bs0b's Wii1 and Warcrack before heading off to Chez Fox in mid-afternoon where I promptly fell asleep until dinnertime.

Many, many thanks to everyone who turned up, pushed me around and otherwise made the day a wonderful birthday outing.

Also many thanks to theferrettheferret for the following newsclip:

1 Stop sniggering at the back there.
2 This resulted in only one near death experience when my wheelchair was rammed into a kerb at high speed.
3 About which I shall say no more.
4 This may, or may not, have involved shoes ... I didn't enquire too deeply.
5 Though if KathbadKathbad is pushing you around I recommend steel toecaps and valium.
6This was actually more like early afternoon actually.
Many happy returns of the day to caddymanCaddyman ... a rum old cove and no mistake guv'nor.
Happy Birthday to the yang of dragonzgraceDragonzgrace ... hope you get the go-go dancing troupe you ordered.
The title is an homage to the yang side of dragonzgraceDragonzgrace's animal theme =)

It's the yin side of dragonzgraceDragonzgrace's birthday today! Many happy returns of the day to you.

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