2010-02-23 02:31 pm


Well I've had the phone a few days now and I'm gradually discovering more and more cool things. In fact, I've discovered that any moaning about it to date has been resolved by downloading an app (the default ones are ok, but not great) or by learning how to use the damn thing properly! On the whole, I'm liking it more and more every day, though the Android Market can be a little trying; at some point I hope to compare notes with an iPhone owner so we can compare and contrast the App Store with the Market. At the moment I'm having trouble getting it to connect to my badplace email but Googlemail is working just fine on it. Using the Google contacts facility also means that all your contacts are kept external to your phone, so should be easy to "transfer" to another Android handset when the time comes to change.

On the whole, just under a week in to the experience, I'd be very happy to recommend the HTC Hero as a viable alternative to the iPhone.