So this weekend saw the pre-wedding celebrations for s0bs0b. Rather loosely it went like this:

During the day I got a massive emo/black dog attack and had quite decided not to attend. Thankfully the wonderful jul1etjul1et managed to slap some sense into me (metaphorically speaking) and I duly headed off to the wilds of Ilford. The weekend was largely hosted by ingenue_theingenue_the (aka. The Best Man) and she proved the perfect hostess from beginning to end of the weekend. After the assembled crowds had got ready (crowds at this point being harold_chasenharold_chasen (who had cooked us a very tasty chilli), liz_lowlifeliz_lowlife and myself (in addition of course to the aforementioned s0bs0b and ingenue_theingenue_the)) we set off South of the river to the dank and mist-shrouded lands of the murlocs (aka Vauxhall) where we were joined by emmelinemayemmelinemay before heading into the labyrinthine Planet Angel where we bumped into pax_draconispax_draconis, averylaterabbitaverylaterabbit, jfsjfs, nyarbaggytepnyarbaggytep, kneeshooterkneeshooter and a number of others who are either sans LJ or who's LJ names I do not know. Had a wonderful time at PA, talked on all manner of subjects, wrote on various things and people, felt waves of bass rumble through me, possibly unnerved a couple of people, and generally had a grand time. The club night is especially impressive because of all the various spaces that have been created around the venue, some quiet, some loud, each having a distinct mood and feel. I suspect that I shall go again. Then back to Hope Cottage (where the original weekend residents were joined by the aforementioned pax_draconispax_draconis, averylaterabbitaverylaterabbit and emmelinemayemmelinemay) for the afterparty and all manner of fun with balloons, and rock'n'roll tales and stories about s0bs0b. When pax_draconispax_draconis and averylaterabbitaverylaterabbit had to leave (they had a long journey ahead of them) it was, I am quite sure, light outside. I slumped off to my bed shortly afterward, though the hardcore contingent had decided to watch a DVD of an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.

Was mostly, it seemed, spent in the garden of Hope Cottage, luxuriating in the sun and listening to gramophone records. There was talk, of course, and wine and many good things and we were joined once again by jfsjfs. Unfortunately, that is where my namechecking stops as I'd started to drink by that point (only moderately but quite sufficient, when combined with how tired I was to quite blur my memory) and I'm not sure how many others joined us, for how long or if they have LJ or not. My apologies if you're reading this and I've left you out, it's not malicious I assure you. Chinese food was ordered, some of which was eaten and then I decided that an early (ish) night was in order and took myself to bed ... listening to hissing, whooshing and giggling as I drifted off to sleep.

Another glorious day! The morning was spent in the garden once again, drinking tea and chatting (there was some reheating of the previous night's take-away but I had no appetite at that point) before it was time to leave the comfortable haven of Hope Cottage and make our way into the wild world. Naturally I bottled it and pitched up at Sexbat Towers to say "hello!" to a brain-frazzled jul1etjul1et (who had spent the weekend doing some mindless overtime task) so I rescued her from tedium and we drank tea and chatted and waited for s0bs0b to join us, which (despite the best efforts of the Freecycle event) he eventually did. After watching the new BBC Merlin (which I rather enjoyed and was a significant improvement on the excremental Robin Hood in every way ... but especially in the wardrobe department), we settled down to watch Beowulf and Grendel which was rather splendid. Curry was ordered and we finished our evening's viewing with Daywatch which, like it's predecessor made very little sense until the last five minutes. jul1etjul1et rather astutely compared it to a reverse Agatha Christy novel. Then it was hometime for me and I braved the wilds of the M25 to return to a night-shrouded Crawley and bed!

Ah what a lovely weekend with friends old and new. Many thanks to my hosts for the weekend and congratulations, of course, to the excellent s0bs0b.

Many thanks also to emmelinemayemmelinemay for the souvenirs of the weekend that she salvaged/made for us all ... I giggle with pleasure every time I look at it.
Offered without comment:

In other news, I have a stinking cold ... bleurgh.

By the way, any Birmingham natives attending the forthcoming nuptial celebrations fancy a Bin-shaped house-guest?
Don't know why I've taken so long to mention this but a couple of weekends ago I performed the duties of Best Man at my friends' (Nigel and Candia ... both sans LJ) wedding. It was a fairly traditional registry office 'do' with a fun, informal reception in Candia's back garden. It was a tremendous honour to be asked to be Best Man and, I hope, I did the job decently well. Photos (as taken by the lovely Fox - albeit on my lovely camera) are here; I'm particularly proud of the sepia ones. All in all a really splendid day and one that will stay with me for a long time to come.

This Saturday saw the Fox and myself popping over to Brighton Pride. The day was pleasant but unremarkable though it's always a treat when the normally extremely coy Fox allows me to walk with him arm-in-arm and (gasp!) even steal a kiss or two in public.

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