So then, science brains; why is it that for pretty much the entirety of this week dawn has been beautifully clear and sunny but by lunchtime it's clouded over and threatening a downpour?

Quite liked last night's Doctor Who, certainly much much better than last week's iffy offering; but it left me feeling somehow unsatisfied ... dunno why.

Had a very odd dream about looking out of my bedroom window to see a military marching band chasing a group of women in navy cadet uniforms (there is a fairly large Nautical Training Corps buidling just behind my flat) not in a Benny Hill style but just as though they were playing tag or somesuch. At the time I remember thinking "oh, it must be Remembrance Sunday" then, a little while later "Wait, it's May ... I wonder if they're having another one?" It's taken me a couple of days to realise that this was, in fact, a dream.

For the past day or so I have been attempting to wrestle with a cushion for my meditation stool. I thought to myself, it'd be nice to have a cushion, it will be comfy and will afford more friction. How wrong I was! It's fine if I sit in the wrong sort of position, but if I sit the way I'm supposed to, the damn thing starts slipping round the stool. This is particularly annoying because I've had my little stool for nearly twenty years but, for some reason, I'm finding that it's just not possible to sit on it properly now ... maybe my posture has improved recently. Anyway, for the next few days I suspect that I'll be using the stool facing the "wrong" way (less comfortable but no slipping means that it's paradoxically more comfortable), but I've ordered a zafu (cushion) so when that arrives the stool will be relegated to a camping seat. Of course any teacher would tell me that all this is just ego trying to distract me. If this is the case it's doing a bloody good job!

In other news, I've had a "Bad Romance" earworm for the past week. All of my usual strategies have failed ... help me intarwebs!

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