For those folks concerned about my previous post, you might find an explanation here.

There is no slug!
So I've not mentioned it before (mostly because I choose not to bore you, gentle reader, with the ups and downs of my wellbeing) but I've had what can best be described as a "lump" in my throat for a couple of weeks now. Nothing that I could feel from the outside, you understand, but when I swallowed I got the sensation that there was something blocking my oesophagus. Now I didn't worry overly much about this as I am occasionally prone to acid reflux, which can produce a similar feeling.

Unfortunately this particular lump turned out to have very little, if anything, to do with acid reflux.

This morning I awoke coughing, the serious, gasping sort of coughing that actually makes you a little worried that you're not going to come out of the other side. Eventually the coughing turned into a sort of gagging, as it sometimes does, and I started to feel distinctly light-headed. It was at this point that I started to worry, quite seriously about whether I'd be able to make it to the phone to get help. Anyway, the gagging eventually resolved itself in one huge bloody cough at which point something flew out of my mouth and hit the television screen on the wall opposite my bed. Bearing in mind that I'd just woken up and hadn't yet eaten anything I was a little concerned, though immediately conscious that the annoying "lump" was no longer present and I could swallow normally again. Wondering, however, what it could be that had been lodged in my throat so uncomfortably for a couple of weeks I waded through the mound of post and magazines that has built up in front of the TV. This is the point that you really should go no further if you're at all squeamish. Where the 'object' had hit the screen there was, quite clearly, a small slug. It was one of those weird, white slugs one sees occasionally and it was leaving a silvery trail across the screen.

Suffice to say I recoiled somewhat swiftly and something must have been jogged, or bumped because the damn thing fell off the screen and into the paperwork. I still haven't plucked up the courage to go poking around for it ... but I'm going to have to soon or I'll never find the damn thing.

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