So can anyone tell me how to convince my E2 to hotlink to Palm Desktop instead of Outlook? I've tried various things but nothing seems to be anywhere close to what I want.

Having visited the Palm website, it transpires that a hard reset (as opposed to the soft resets I've been trying) may solve the touchscreen problem but I want to be absolutely certain that everything is safely backed-up before I try that.

jfsjfs you offered a little bit of telephone consultancy on this, when would be a good time to call?
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I love my Tungsten E2, I'm not sure that I could live without it any more ... it has become an indispensible part of my life. Unfortunately all is not well in Palm-land; for a while now if I've wanted to touch an on-screen button with the stylus I've had to aim about half a centimetre below the actual button in order for it to register a "push", this of course means that I am completely unable to call up either keyboard or number-pad since they are at the bottom of the screen. I've tried recalibrating the touchscreen in "Preferences", performing a hard re-start (though not a total one yet), each several times now; but all to no avail. Do you, Gentle Reader, have any idea how I might fix this? Is it a known issue? Or do I need to send the thing back to Amazon and get another one? If the latter then is there a means of copying the entire contents of the PDA onto a memory card (my card has more memory than the PDA so space isn't an issue) so that I don't need to copy in things like birthdays and appointments again1?

In other news, we had the first "proper" session of Magpie Empire last night and, despite some trepidation on my part I think it went fairly well (though a moment of high-tension I'd got planned was spoilt by some poor dice rolls on my part ... but that led to other roleplaying fun so I wasn't too distraught) and the characters reached pretty much the point that I'd hoped they would. One slight problem I'm running into is that the players are both better informed than I am about matters scientifical, and they also have better memories. This is being dealt with by dint of me coming clean about my utter ignorance with regard to actual-real-physics-stuff and by (I hope) cheerfully 'fessing up if someone reminds me that I made a different call on something previously. I write down as much as I can but obviosuly in the course of a game your players think of things you never did and there is a need to make stuff up on the fly ... of course there's also stuff that you wrote down when sleep deprived and high on toffee waffles2 that just doesn't make sense when you say it in the course of the game, consequently some details change from the original concept and I just suck at remembering these ... thankfully I have a forgiving bunch of players. So I'm looking forward to next week's installment to see what they'll do next!

The lovely Fox managed to win an ebay auction for me whilst I was incommunicado reffing the game, so I should shortly be receiving a copy of Silent Death: the New Millenium which means that jojo-jojojojo-jojo (who plays the ship's Engineer/Gunner) will be able to blow stuff up3.

1 Yes I know that Outlook should take care of this in Hotsync but, frankly, I trust Outlook about as far as I could comfortably spit my PC.
2 I really want to redesign their website for them ... I mean really.
3 Her eagerness to start a shooting war with the People's Revolutionary Navy last night was really quite worrying.
So I've recently discovered that the Z22 that I received for Christmas isn't quite the wunderkind I was hoping it would be. As far as synching with Outlook is concerned, it was absolutely marvellous ... I have no complaints; but a large part of wanting to get it was so that I could take and edit notes on games but sadly the Memo function just isn't up to the task. So I downloaded some .doc editing/reading software (the first of which wouldn't work on the Z22) at which point I discovered that not having a slot for a memory card is a very big deal when you're talking about Word-like documents ... one smallish document and I had almost no room left in memory. So, when it started randomly crashing I was actually quite pleased ... since that meant I could get a refund! After some snooping around and deciding/being persuaded-by-the-Fox that the Tungsten TX was a bit more than I needed and a bit more expensive than I wanted, the final choice was the rather alluring Tungsten E2 with a 1gb memory card.

If anyone has any horror stories regarding the Tungsten E2, please let me know while I can still cancel!
Well further to yesterday's post, I downloaded a delightful (and moderately cheap) little program called "MobiSystems OfficeSuite Classic 7" which all looked quite wonderful until I tried to run it on my Z22:

"OfficeSuite does no[sic] support devices with screen resolution less then[sic] 320x320"
I tell you I could just spit!
Anyone know of a decent free (or very cheap) office suite for Palm OS 5? I was quite taken by Documents to Go until I saw the price tag ... admittedly it's not a huge amount but then I don't have much of a budget to work with. Another question is, of course, is there any point in getting such software in the first place?

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