Well I have to say I'm getting a tad pissed off with the organisers as they seem to be ignoring me. I ask a question on neverwhere_liveNeverwhere_Live and receive no response. I send emails and receive no response. I sign up to the egroup ... and my membership is still pending approval.

Ever get the feeling that you're not wanted?
The High Gate background document has been sent out now. If you were expecting or wanting a copy, drop me a line (preferably by email) and I'll send it out to you. The writing is a little clumsy at ths stage but as it's the start of a collaborative document I'm not too worried by that.

Incidentally, the rules system that the game wil be drawing from can be downloaded here.
For those interested folks who haven't joined the neverwhere_liveNeverwhere_Live community but are vaguely intrigued by the idea, some new posts have been added recently.

If you fancy playing in the game (however occasionally) and would care to join me in the High Gate (costume requirements: dark suit and coat ... aka bouncer chic), then let me know and I'll forward background bumf to you as it's written.
Yes, you read correctly, Neverwhere LRP.

Allegedly to be run once a month in a London pub, more than that I know nothing at all. elaniElani seems to be the person in the know.

I am extraordinarily tempted.

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