Oct. 2nd, 2006 06:01 pm
I'm probably a bit too tired to write anything particularly legible about the weekend now but since when have I ever let that stop me?

Low points:
  • After the unbelievable hassles with the new tent at Maelstrom (ie. it not being there), discovering that the tent company had neglected to include any tent pegs or guy ropes. Thankfully s0bs0b had sufficient rope and string to act as guy ropes and I always bring a bag of good pegs anyway.

  • Due to an error in putting the tent up (this may have had something to do with the instructions being in Dutch), I was treated to a small pond inside it come Sunday morning ... this turned into a larger pond as the day progressed.

  • The weather was shit very wet

  • The game organisers didn't have a contingency plan for bad weather/technical failures

High points:
  • The reactions that s0bs0b, suicideallySuicideally and I got when we first entered the IC tavern ... classic "Slaughtered Lamb" scenario ... much fun.

  • Having an IC smith give me three ingots of metal ... that I'd just watched him make1 from scratch

  • Roleplaying my socks off all weekend.

  • Entertaining in the camp ... I intend to do more of that next time.

  • The hailstorm.

  • The attitudes of everyone playing and organising.

I've doubtless missed loads of stuff but suffice to say that I had a good old time and intend to go to the next one (sometime in March) ... I'm already missing playing the General.

Props to my peeps: s0bLord Liar Gristleweaver and suicideallyLady Letitia Thimbleweaver, ace kidnappers and rain-dancers.

1Making the mold out of a pot filled with sand, melting the metal in a pan over a bellows-driven fire, pouring the metal into the mold, waiting for the metal to cool, then turning it out and putting the still-warm ingots into my hands.

Nasty LRP

Aug. 10th, 2006 12:32 am
I seem to have been sucked into yet another system ... truly I am weak ... this time in the wonderful Candlestone site. The game is Cataclysm1 and appears to be the mutant offspring of the critically aclaimed Leogyr.

So what has drawn me in? Well the chance to play an over-the-hill (and, frankly, off his rocker) unseelie Fey (name either Bleakworm or Bilespittle ... see where I'm going with this?) who sits around all day being unpleasant. Also the chance to LRP with Tim and Nigel Britain (both sans LJ) for the first time in years.

No combat skills, driving goggles, white frock coats and bad attitudes ... I think this might be fun.

1 The website is truly appalling and the published rules aren't much help in generating a character, but the organisers do respond to posts on the Forum pretty quickly so I'm not overly worried ... though I am sorely tempted to set up a shadow site just so that there can be some means of accessing the rules painlessly!

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