With the disturbing effects of Relentless gradually leaving my system, I headed off to the middle of nowhere (aka Isfield) to referee the Magpie Empire game. All seemed to go well, with a couple of rules (sensor use and linguistics) being twiddled and the characters (well two of them anyway) setting foot on the recently discovered planet. The "away team" (no they didn't call them that) picked up some soil samples, some water, two different types of poo, a small fish, a dead bat and some rock. They also seem to have drawn some interesting conclusions about the planet, about which I shall say nothing. A significant amount of the game was spent laughing at various schatological humour, mostly started by the ship's doctor. Although we didn't leave the game on a cliffhanger as such, I'm still very impatient for the next session ... I wanna see what they do next.

And then home, to a veritable treasure trove of videoed goodness, to whit, Battlestar Galactica and Episode one and two of Lost Season two. BSG was an absolute blinder with the "Caprica Six" episode (hopefully that will give away nothing at all to those who have not yet seen it) and was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes in a while. Though I have certain reservations, which will hopefully be addressed in a later episode. Lost was equally (though differently) superb, and I very much look forward to seeing where these new developments are going to lead (though irritatingly there have been enough spoilers for the end of episode two to be less of a cliffhanger than, I think, it really should have been), certainly the snippets of episode three looked very promising. Interestingly, the Fox had been playing a lot of "The Mammas and the Papas" over the weekend, so it was a bit weird to have it suddenly blasting out at the beginning of episode one ... got to love synchronicity eh?

Anyway, must get on with some laundry before tonight's RuneQuest(ish) game, oh and I must write up the changes to the ME (hmm, hadn't considered that acronym ... how unfortunate) Players' Guide ... ttfn.
I've been having some rather vivid dreams recently, though last night's was by far the most memorable ... if only for the way it ended. There were a number of components to the dream that I can identify from things I've done or seen recently but the finale involved me pulling some thick, greenish1 gunk from beneath my left eye2 and being rewarded by a flood of blood ... which just wouldn't stop. Any attempt I made to staunch the flow of blood was rewarded by a completely sodden handkerchief. I suspect that I may have woken myself up (for the first time in a long while) with my cries for help. Very strange indeed, though on waking I didn't feel overly disturbed or afraid ... just a bit freaked out.

In other news, Battlestar Galactica was fantastic. For the most part the episode was a reminder of what had gone before but featured a lot of Col. Tigh (which made me very happy) and a fantastic twist ("... and your prophet ..." !!!). I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series, though I'm not a fan of the recent trend (cf. Lost) of "youthening" middle-aged actors and, interesting though that segment was, I hope they don't return to it too often.

1 Yes, I dream in colour.
2 I was looking in a bathroom mirror.

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