Sep. 15th, 2009

Maelstrom at last! I may only have been able to make half an event this year but I have at least done some LRP in 2009. It was so lovely to see folks I hadn't seen for ages and to get back into my (now rather baggy) kit and lovely tent. I didn't really feel connected to the event though, probably because I wasn't there at all on Saturday and thus had only two half-days to do stuff. All the same, I'm very glad I went. The Odyssey trading cards were an inspired idea and there was, allegedly, quite a thriving market in them. I think we should release an album for them at the first event.

The reason for missing half of the event was attending marktoyMarktoy's wedding to Mary (who is, I think, sans LJ). The day was perfect, many lovely guests, scrummy food, a rather splendid cigar, moving speeches, probably the best rendition of "Us Two" I've ever heard (not empty praise, I assure you ... and I've heard it a few times), a huge amount of silliness, laughter and many good things. The bride and groom were, of course, radiant and I wish them both every happiness in the years to come.

Of course, nothing comes without cost and, given the "tenderness" I've been experiencing, I suspect that it may have been a little early to be setting up and taking down a tent, with all the lugging (even the non-obvious activities) that entails. Still, it was worth it for such a great weekend.

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